Absolutely. Fringes can be repaired and bound. It is important to have this repair done as soon as possible. The more fringes unravel, the more difficult and costly the repair will be.

People often refer to rug repair and restoration interchangeably. Technically, a restoration, however, implies that the work is meant to restore a piece to its original state. A repair is meant to fix a problem, which may or may not mean that it will be restored to its original state. As such, in some instances, a restoration can be the same thing as a repair. However, in some instances, to properly restore a rug will require more than just repairing a specific problem such as fringe unraveling. When we examine your piece, we will tell you the options available to you, repair or restoration, and give you estimates for both.

Because each handmade rug and kilim is one-of-a-kind and because each problem will be unique, it is impossible to state how much it will cost to address all problem areas. This will depend on the individual circumstances. However, we give free estimates to all of our clients at no obligation upon our inspection of their rugs and kilims.

Yes, a rug eaten by moths can be repaired. Before we repair it, however, we will have to professionally clean it to remove any moth larvae still living in the rug.

No, we provide all kinds of services on handmade rugs and kilims, including cleaning and repairing Navajo rugs; dhurrie kilims; and handhooked rugs.