HACC Carpet Specialist is a fast growing new high technology Service Company.

Established in the United Arab Emirates, demand for our unique service is escalating at an unprecedented business pace. Carpet Restoration, Cleaning, Shampooing and Stain removal, as a business, is an untapped, unlimited market opportunity.

HACC Carpet Specialist is onsite, fulltime, 100% carpet cleaning and restoration service, our unique “Carpet Care” services are providing property unnecessary carpet replacement.

We are known for high quality products and services.

Why Us

  • Save Money to buy new carpets
  • Full Care Carpet Service
  • Maximize Carpet Value
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing that your carpet is professionally Maintained Extend life of carpet value.

We Deal With

  • Hotels
  • Hotel Apartments
  • High/Low Raise Residential
  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Office
  • Shopping Malls
  • Exhibition Center
  • Cinema
  • Banks
  • Airports