If you rugs look nothing like the day you got them home, even though you have spent many hours trying to return them to their former self, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Our rug cleaning Dubai team are the people you need to do the job to perfection, paying extra attention to the delicate material of your rugs.

We have a long list of rugs we have been taking care for regularly and occasionally:

  • Afghan rugs
  • Braided rugs
  • Caucasian rugs
  • Kashmir rugs
  • Kilim rugs
  • Kurdish rugs
  • Navajo rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Pakistani rugs
  • Sarouk rugs
  • Shiraz rugs
  • Tibetan rugs
  • Turkmen rugs

Our rug cleaners Dubai have the experience to clean all these carpets and many more to perfection, using only the finest non-toxic cleaning detergents. So... even if your carpet is not mentioned on the list above, give us a call, we can clean it spotless.

Our Persian rug cleaners have been providing professional rug care for years, with great results every time. But... don’t just trust us on that.

Professional Rug Cleaners Dubai

Our rug cleaning DUBAI specialists have undergone extensive training in cleaning all precious antique rugs. We make sure they stay on top of things and organize regular training sessions in operating the most sophisticated cleaning tools and using fine cleaning detergents. We have a lot more to offer to your attention:

  • We will come fully equipped with all the right tools to do the job to perfection
  • All the cleaning detergents we use are eco-friendly as part of our ongoing policy to protect the environment
  • You can enjoy more benefits when registering a regular rug cleaning service with us
  • Find out how much you can save when booking two or more service. Get our upholstery cleaning or leather sofa cleaning services.

With every antique rug cleaning Dubai service we provide, we guarantee great results. Our teams have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the cleaning service that will best suit your needs.

Book our Antique Rug Cleaning Dubai Services Now!

Call 04 3217550 now and prepare to be astonished! Our rug cleaning Dubai phone lines are open around the clock for your convenience. Our friendly staff is always ready to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on your rug cleaning needs. Call us now if you need extra information or have any questions, we will be happy to help.