At HACC-ME we use a variety of ways to clean up high traffic areas as well as the improvement and/ or removal of specialty stains.


We use a combination of repeated process of going overthe high traffic areas multiple times and/or a high speedrotary scrubber to create agitation and give you the bestresults for high traffic areas and stain removal. While thisdoes not guarantee a complete removal of stains (no one inthe industry can do that) it does ensure a very significantimprovement, if not a complete removal, in these areasThis is an additional service and is based on square footage

Specialty Stains

These stains are generally regarded as stains that are notdirt, grease, oil based. These types of stains are: Pet stains,Kool-aid, wine, rust, paint, cosmetics, coffee, tea, etc. Theimprovement/ removal of these stains is generally doneby repeated use of using solvents, heat transfers, agitationand steam cleaning. Again, while we cannot guaranteetheir complete removal, we can deliver a significantimprovement. A complete removal is possible if the stain isdiluted with water and blotted when it is still fresh, there byweakening the stain and increasing the chances of removal.This is an additional service and is based on time andeffort.

We Fix Flood and Water Damaged Carpet!

Water Damage & Restoration

At HACC-ME Carpet Cleaning & Restoration we know the importance of fast action. We respond quickly to minimize damage to your home. If you’ve had the misfortune of a flood in your home or business, we know the sooner your home can be returned to its pre-flood condition, the sooner you can get back to your life.

Save the value and appeal of your home or office from draining away after a flood with detailed carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and other services from our company in Dubai Carpet Cleaning is more than a water damage restoration company we're a gateway to higher-quality working and living conditions after a flood comes knocking on your door. Contact us today for more details about how we can make signs of a flood disappear.

    Remove Standing Water
  • Cut-Out & Insulate Carpet
  • Replace Goods to Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Apply a Microbial Product to Prevent Mold Growth
  • Pull Pads & Baseboards to Prevent Mold Growth
  • Dry Property back to Original State
  • Re-Apply Baseboards
  • Remove Damaged Sheet Rock and Insulation
  • Install New Padding
  • Re-Install Carpet
  • Clean Carpets

Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we can remove excess water and dry your home in the quickest time possible. We can respond to your problem fast! As a full service restoration company we can handle the entire job from top to bottom including structural drying, personal content restoration, deodorizing and final cleanup.We will work with your insurance company to get your home back to normal in the shortest possible time. We’re ready on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis to respond to your crisis. So when disaster strikes, call your friends at A1 Carpet Cleaning & Restoration.

Fire Restoration

Recovering from fire & smoke damage is serious business. Hidden threats can linger under floors, behind walls, inside ventilation systems, and above the ceiling. Never assume that a fire is limited to the visual damage. Even small fires can leave concealed dangers.

Our Professional and experienced team of fire & smoke experts are trained and specialize in large fire damage cleanup. We can help identify furniture, personal items, and hidden contents that can be salvaged. Bottom line, we will make sure your loss situation is handled correctly and professionally to minimize discomfort, inconvenience and unnecessary additional costs.

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