Your car is constantly bombarded with dirty shoes and debris. Remember what your car looked like when you first bought it? Remember how nice it smelled. Chances are that over the course of time your car’s carpets have been stained and faded with dirt. Even when you vacuum it you can tell that it is just isn’t clean. You may even believe there is no way to clean it so as to make it look like new. Think again.

At HACC-ME Carpet Cleaning we provide the same quality carpet cleaning services for your car as we do for your home. You would be amazed at how clean we can get your car. See the below before and after pictures for just a small example of the work we can do

No Need to Treat With Harsh Chemicals

One of the great things about our Utah Carpet Cleaners is that we do not have to use harsh chemicals to treat your automobile’s floors. If you so choose, we will use a hot water extraction process which provides a deep steam clean to your carpets and immediately extracts the dirt and oils stuck in your carpets. When we finish the cleaning process we will show you the water which becomes black from sucking out all of those gross contaminants in your carpets.

Make It Smell Like New

One of the great advantages of having HACC-MR clean your automobile’s interior is that it will allow you to once again make your car smell like new. Your car could be 10 years old but we are confident we can get your car so clean that you will look at it and remember what it was like when you first bought it.

Contact Us and Get that Car Cleaned!

Call us at +971 50 6127524 and we will come to your car. We can even do it while you are at work so that you will not miss any time with your car.