Airline Services has long been associated with the provision of specialist, high quality interior

cleaning, both on the line and at programmed hangar checks.

In recent years, in response to the demands of our customers, we have expanded our capabilities

and we now offer a full range of interior cleaning services comprising:

  • Extended Cleaning at Hangar Input
  • Interior Technical Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Intermediate Cleaning
  • Turnround Cleaning

Every service is tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements in their entirety and, because

our business model is very different from that traditionally adopted in this market, the standards we

achieve are recognisably superior to our competitors.

We understand the importance of service structuring, and undertake, for example, to ensure that

our commitment to one customer will never cause detriment to another. This means that we always

ensure sufficient manpower levels are available at peak times to preserve the integrity of our

operation and that of our customers.

In so doing we are able to provide every customer with a dedicated service, using staff who are

trained specifically to meet their requirements and consequently an assurance of the highest

possible service standards on every clean.

Of course we appreciate that, in turnround cleaning in particular, meeting our customers’

requirements in the time available is equally as important as the standard of the clean itself. The

experience of our customers and their on time performance statistics stand as testament to our

achievements in this.

Furthermore, we are delighted to offer a Service Level Agreement based not only on cleanliness but

punctuality, to any carrier requiring it.

We believe that we are the only aircraft interior cleaning Company operating in the UK today able to

offer every single customer an assurance that every aircraft in our care will meet their passengers'

exacting standards day after day.

This level of excellence can only be achieved by working in partnership with our customers'

engineers and cabin services departments and we are very happy to acknowledge the part those

relationships play in our success.

Our reputation in the field of interior cleaning is proven and our customers' testimonials on our

service standards and on time performance bear witness to our expertise and dedication.